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Heart to Heart

A mother and two young daughters walked into the restaurant. Mom was holding a huge bouquet of balloons she tied to one of the chairs. Then, she put two tables together. And the family sat down to wait. Soon an older couple arrived and hugs were shared all around. It was a clearly a celebration gathering. Some of the mylar balloons said CONGRATULATIONS!, so it was probably not a birthday party.

Mom, the older sister, and the younger sister sat on one side of the table. Grandma sat across from the older girl; grandpa, from the younger one. Before long, the child in the middle was wearing a graduation cap. She had graduated from preschool and was headed to kindergarten. Grandma pulled out the camera. She took picture after picture of the graduate as well as of the graduate and her mother together.

Meanwhile, younger sister turned her back to the group and began to pout. Grandpa noticed. He leaned across the table to talk to her. Grandpa said, “You seem sad. Are you sad?” She nodded. Grandpa said, “People sometimes feel sad, when nobody is paying any attention to them. Sometimes they even feel angry.” She nodded bigger this time.

Grandpa said, “It’s okay to feel sad and angry. But today is Sister’s special day, and it’s important for us to celebrate it.” Then, Grandpa said, “Next year, it’ll be your turn. You’ll be graduating from preschool. You will have a special day. And we will celebrate it!”

“That will be fun!” she said. And she smiled at Grandpa. Grandchildren are a remarkable blessing and so are grandmas and grandpas!


Pastor Lynn Westover