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Heart to Heart

The day after Christmas, Stan and I flew to Seattle to see our granddaughter and her family. Lucy, two years and eight months old, is at that age where she seems to grow before our eyes. One day, Lucy said, “Grandma, I love you.” Those words are high on the sweetness scale but more joy was to come.

When I unpacked ornaments this year, I found her mama’s manger set from 1981. I took it for Lucy. After reading the Christmas story several times from a children’s book, Lucy and I told the story using the manger pieces. While we were there, Lucy and I rehearsed the basic story several times. An angel said to Mary, “You’re going to have a baby.” Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem. Baby Jesus was born in a stable with animals. Angels said to the shepherds, “Good news! Jesus is born!” The shepherds went to see Jesus.  Wise men followed a star and brought Jesus presents.   One night, I said to Lucy, “Jesus is God’s son. And he loves you very much.” Then, I taught her Jesus Love Me. Before long, she could sing it with me.

From time to time, Lucy tried to sing it by herself. But she couldn’t quite remember the words and would ask me to sing it again. Later, I heard her singing quietly. The words were an interesting jumble of songs, including The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round and Itsy, Bitsy Spider and Jesus Loves Me. But one line was very clear. She sang, Jesus loves the little girl, and pointed her index finger to her chest. My heart filled with joy that Lucy understood something so important about that sweet little Jesus boy!

Pastor Lynn Westover