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Heart to Heart

I have loved mockingbirds, since I was seven and quarantined with scarlet fever. Mama rescued an injured bird. While recuperating, he was in a cage and kept me company. So I am delighted that Northern Mockingbirds live in our neighborhood.

Not so long ago a male bird claimed the tree outside our bedroom window and began to sing. He sang all day. Then, he got serious and sang night and day. He was singing when I went to sleep, when I turned over at night and when I got up in the morning. And he kept singing throughout the day.

When his songs became less frequent, I decided he found a female, and they would live happily ever after. I had no proof, but this is what I thought.

saw a mockingbird swooping, diving and pecking a big black cat. The cat would turn to defend itself but the bird was already poised to strike again. That bird drove the cat across the street and through the neighbor’s hedge. And it stayed on guard, watching where the cat went through the hedge.

And sometimes we – God’s children – do not see our heavenly Father’s protection either. But God does protect and watch over us.

a woman searches for a lost coin until it is found, God seeks and saves the lost. Like a father receives the prodigal son returning home, God welcomes us, and lets the past be the past.

Why? Because God loves you with a fierce love.

Pastor Lynn Westover