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Heart to Heart

The most dependable way to have a wedding is to plan to get married. After I asked Stan to marry me, things moved right along toward the day we would say “I do.”

There were many things to decide. When and where do we get married? Who do we ask to officiate? Who will be the maid of honor and bridesmaid, the best man and groomsman?

There was food to figure out – the rehearsal dinner, the wedding reception, and a cake. There were dresses, tuxedos and shoes to get. There were invitations, photos, flowers, gifts, honeymoon and more to arrange. A successful wedding needs a plan. So does a strong future for a congregation. Therefore, the Administrative Committee has scheduled a Congregational Planning Event for Saturday, September 23, from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon in the parlor.

The Congregational Planning Event is the next step in our journey with the Readiness 360 process. Twenty-nine people – a mix of staff, key leaders and active ministry participants – took the Readiness 360 survey. Twenty of us gathered with the Rev. Nicole Reilly, Director of New Ministries for the California Pacific Conference, to debrief our results. (The Readiness 360 overview is on page 6.) Eleven considered the next step at the May Administrative Committee meeting. Thank you for participating and considering how to multiply our ministry.

Some wisdom and agreement is necessary for a successful wedding. The same is true for a helpful church plan. So, we need as many people as possible in the congregation to gather to puzzle through a plan for our future.

Consider yourself invited. Save the date. And pray about the future to which God is calling us.

Pastor Lynn Westover

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