I like pencils. I always have. There’s
something about a new sharpened
pencil with a fresh eraser. So, you
might wonder about my green

The oldest pencil in my collection is
23 years old; the newest, 3 years
old. The name of the hotel is printed
in gold on each one.

As a rule, I don’t like advertising on
pens or pencils. And I don’t like
erasers too old to erase without a
pencil smudge and a streak of
eraser pink. Nevertheless, I keep
each one of these pencils, because
they encourage me.

I see the pencils and remember seminars I’ve taken across the years with
Kennon Callahan, Ph.D. I remember things I’ve learned and people I’ve met.
But most of all I remember Ken and the grace and encouragement he shares
with us.

Remember the people who have meant the most to you. They are frequently
people who live lives of grace and encouragement. Because what helps most of
us is someone who loves us, who sees the best in us, and who shares grace with
us. Go and do likewise. Go and be like them.
God shares grace with us.

God invites us to live a life of grace with others and with ourselves.
Share kindness and words of appreciation and gratitude.
God is encouraging with us.

God invites us to be encouraging with those around us and with ourselves.
Share the words well done with warmth and affection.

Pastor Lynn Westover