Pastor's Page

Heart to Heart

The rummage sale started small but grew topsy-turvy. Plans began in
conjunction with spring-cleaning at church. As Mary Mackay cleaned, it seemed
reasonable to sell the things we no longer need and give the money to the church.
But people had things they wanted to contribute. And before long, the
Fellowship Hall was filled with books, dishes, Christmas lights, tchotchkes, and

There were jars of buttons that called my name. I kept looking at them from far
and near, until Beulah Hajek said, “You’ve already touched those twice; they’re
yours now.”

I have jars of buttons at home – one belongs to me; another belonged to Mom
and Grandma; and still another, to Stan’s Mom. Now, I also have church family

So, I’m feeling thankful – thankful for the people represented by the buttons;
thankful for Mary, who is such a good steward of church buildings; thankful to
God for giving Beulah a church family when she needed one and for giving the
church Beulah; thankful for Devon Cates who listed special items on Craig’s list;
and for the donations and workers that made our rummage sale so successful.

Remembering these good things has made my heart glad. So I invite you to write
down three things for which you are grateful each day of November. Then, you
too might find yourself singing words written by Leona Von Brethorst about
God: He has made me glad, he has made me glad. I will rejoice, for he has made me glad.1

Pastor Lynn Westover