Heart to Heart

I was sleeping when it started to rain in September. Before long, it was raining in my dream. I remember thinking in my dream, “It’s raining! There’s something I need to know about the rain.” But nothing came to mind. A little later in my dream, I thought, “There’s something about the rain I should know.” But I couldn’t figure it out.

The rain started pouring in my dream. I was watching raindrops fall, when it suddenly came to me. “It’s really raining. Wake up.” I woke up, looked outside and thanked God for rain.

When it was light, I opened the door to the backyard and sat as far outside as I could without getting wet. Plants were already lifting their arms in gratitude for water. Rain splashed in the birdbath.

Birds – twenty finches and fifteen doves – were on the ground after the seed we scatter. They usually fly away in groups, when there is a noise or movement and return quickly. But suddenly, birds scattered in every direction – every bird for itself. Then, it was quiet, and the birds did not come back. I scanned the sky but saw nothing.

Six hummingbirds zoomed around the feeder. They all want a place at the table, but they do not want to share. One bird has started sitting on the feeder to guard his flower. Most often, as soon as there are two birds, tails flare and a chase ensues. But this day, three birds – and for a split second, four birds – were drinking at the same time. Amazing!

I finally noticed the hawk perched above our yard. It was very still except for its wingtip feathers spreading apart and closing like fingers. After a very long time, a dove went to ground and caught the hawk’s attention. A pursuit over the roof and out of sight followed. All of this is to say, that we can be like the hummingbird sitting on the feeder to guard his flower, when the nectar is abundant beyond measure. Sometimes, we need to wake up to count our blessings.

Pastor Lynn Westover